Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What is *Actually* new?

       As we saw with the PS3, hardware muscle power is very important to Sony---it still is. The PS4 will have the kind of hardware top-notch gaming PCs enjoy. Gamers have come to expect nothing less from Sony. It is my hope that Sony does not continue the delusion that detailed visuals are the main criteria that defines a good game.

  When the last generation of consoles released, I heard many decide to purchase the grotesquely expensive PS3 rather than the competing consoles because "the graphics are WAY better!" I'm not saying the PS3 itself was better or worse than the other consoles, only that I strongly disagree with the reason many chose to purchase it. I'm not a hipster gamer. That said, old school games were fun despite the lack of detail and realism in the visuals. The best playing experience comes from playing the best games. By extension, the console with the best games provides the best playing experience. The best games are those that give you the kind of experience good art is supposed to give you. It should connect with you, draw you into that world---those moments---and communicate some thought or feeling. If the graphics are too impressive, they may inhibit the player from immersing herself in the game; she will be staring at a drop of sweat on the character's hand.

  It is my plea that Sony and game developers everywhere do not neglect good game-making in favor of bigger engines.

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  1. There are a lot of games that focus on graphics and don't put enough into the gameplay--it's really disappointing. You're right, the games that are great have a good storyline!